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Brief-introduction of YCE
2017-04-21 16:34:06.063

 Yunnan province is the most suitable coffee planting basis in the world; its history of planting coffee is over 100 years. The coffee planting area and production in Yunnan covered more than 95 of China. 

  However, exporting as primary raw materials caused the low industry performances of Yunnan coffees. As the executive manager of Yunnan International Coffee Exchange Co., LTD, Mr.Shu said, to improve the industry performances and to manifest the Yunnan coffee the value, on the one hand, we should establish a quality technical system which attains the international standards. On the other hand, we should form an independent price mechanism.

  Yunnan International Coffee Exchange Co., LTD (YCE) found in Oct.11, 2014, has a trading headquarter, a specialty processing base, three Cargo centers, a Warehouse. YCE collaborate closely with SCAA&CQI on establishing a coffee quality technical system which attains the international standards. YCE engaged Mr. Ted Lingle who is the former president of the SCAA, the founder of CQI as the Senior Consultant of Yunnan International Coffee Exchange.

  YCE shares the idea of specialty coffee with coffee farmers, provides a service platform for transaction and holds all kinds of exhibitions, competitions to promote Yunnan Arabic coffee brands. There are 20 Tasting Centers of YCE in China such as Wuhan, Dalian, Lanzhou, Qingdao, Ha’erbin, Chengdu, etc.

Contact name: Dream Zhang

Email: Sales@ycexchange.com

ADD:Wuliang Road, Simao District,Pu'er, Yunnan Province, China